Endpoint Protection Plus

Protect the productivity of your company with the best antivirus for workstations and Exchange servers. Manage the security of your corporate network from the cloud, wherever you are

Keep Your Corporate Network Virus and Spam Free. Monitor Your Users' Web Access

Endpoint Protection Plus provides centralized protection for all of your Windows, Mac and Linux workstations, including laptops, smartphones and the leading virtualization systems.

Why Do I Need an Enterprise Antivirus Solution Like Endpoint Protection Plus?

Centralized Management from the Cloud

All operations are performed in the cloud. Therefore, the impact of the antivirus on system performance is virtually zero.

Cross-platform Protection

Endpoint Protection protects all of your computers running Windows, Linux, Mac OS X, in addition to Android smartphones and tablets, against known and unknown (Zero-Day) threats.

Minimizes Maintenance Costs

Our antivirus solution does not require additional infrastructure in your offices, minimizing the investment needed.

Real-time Monitoring

Remotely monitor, control and adjust the security level of all network devices.

Discover Endpoint Protection Plus in Depth

Protection and disinfection

Proactive and real-time protection from the cloud thanks to Panda Security’s Collective Intelligence.

Maximum malware detection, even for malware that exploits unknown (zero-day) vulnerabilities, regardless of the source of infection (email, USB memory sticks, Web, etc).

Anti-theft protection for mobile devices through geolocation tools. We prevent confidential information from leaking from your company through remote data wiping and device locking.

Anti-spam and Web filtering

No more saturated inboxes thanks to anti-spam protection and complete protection against malicious messages in Exchange servers.
Monitoring and filtering of website categories that are unproductive and/or dangerous for your company during working hours, without needing to install add-ons on the user’s browser.

Ease to use, easy to maintain

Manage the security of all users from anywhere from the Web console.

Simple, automatic and/or remote installation.

Automatic or scheduled transparent updates to avoid any inconvenience to the user.

A level of security for each situation and environment

Profile-based security to adapt the protection to the specific needs of your users.

Centralized monitoring of the security status of all PCs, servers and laptops through comprehensive dashboards.

Device control to block entire peripheral device categories (USB drives and modems, webcams, DVD/CD, etc.) with whitelists and control of permitted actions (access, read, write).

More Benefits of Endpoint Protection Plus

Clearer Monitor: Repair my Infected Computer

Run the separate Cleaner Monitor tool remotely and repair workstations infected with advanced or non-conventional malware.

Real-time Monitoring and Reports

With Endpoint Protection Plus you can carefully monitor the security of your corporate network.

Automatically generate easy to interpret reports and graphs or consult all of this data in real time thorough comprehensive dashboards.

Profile-based Configuration

Assign different protection policies to users through configuration profiles.

Apply different levels of protection according to the profile of the user that connects to your corporate network.

Device Control

Avoid malware entry and data leaks by blocking device categories: USB memory sticks and modems, webcams, DVD/CD drives, etc.

In addition, you can establish exceptions with device whitelists, or simply block certain dangerous actions (access, read, write) on protected endpoints.

Flexible and Rapid Installation

Deploying the antivirus across complex networks has never been easier.

You can use two methods to install the antivirus on all the endpoints on your network: via an email with a download URL or transparently with the Endpoint Protection Plus deployment tool (compatible with Active Directory, Tivoli, SMS etc.).

Malware Freezer

With Malware Freezer you can avoid any false positives. Freeze the malware detected for seven days and if it is a false alarm, automatically restore the file on the user’s system.