Get Access to Greater Computing Power and a Flexible Way of Building a Powerful, Up-to-Date IT Infrastructure

Cloud Overviews

Cloud computing and the consumerisation of IT is changing the way small and medium sized enterprises use IT. With ASecure Cloud we aim to simplify the process of cloud service adoption and delivery. Our IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service) solution gives you access to a complete set of integrated compute, storage and network resources.

IaaS On-Demand

On-Demand IT infrastructure brings you the benefits of best in-class enterprise IT capability consumed as a simple instantly available service. At the touch of a button you can upgrade your compute, storage and network resources to cope with extra load, and then downgrade when things slow down.

The service is ideal for application development and test teams or projects which have fluctuating demand or require rapid access to IT services for periods of a few months.

Gain a competitive advantage while maintaining a positive cash flow. Pay per use, per month without any long term contract commitments.

Cloud Storage

Enterprise class storage infrastructure and connectivity, combined with local presence and extensive experience ensures your data is safe .

ASecure Cloud’s storage services are available either shared or dedicated. They meet Enterprises requirements ranging from the cost efficiency of a shared platform to the isolated security of a dedicated storage service.

Whether you prefer to manage your storage directly, or leave it to us, you can be confident that your data is secure and accessible at all times – at a cost that works for your business.

Virtual PCs

Virtual Desktop removes the need for “traditional” physical desktop PCs in your office environment. It significantly reduces the applications and services costs that go with it.

We can help you develop and operate your preferred environment. Each hosted virtual desktop is activated within hours, so you can start work almost immediately. Additional computing power, software and features can easily be added, meaning you only have to pay for what you need, when you need it. You get all the benefits of a sophisticated and responsive IT infrastructure, at a fraction of the cost when compared with a traditional model.

IaaS Advantages

• A simple financial model, with running costs and software licences included and no major capex spend or long term contracts
• Catalogue style purchasing via an online portal; operating systems ready-installed and licensed; remote management and clear separation of user rights
• Agile platform ready for both seasonality and the unexpected
• The performance, reliability and security to satisfy your own internal policies and regulations
• Enterprise backup and recovery as well as virtual replication services available for full data protection capability
• Transparent migration between storage tiers with a guaranteed performance per tier.

Which Storage?

• If you need the performance of dedicated storage at shared storage costs, Performance Storage lets you manage increasing volumes of data while reducing risk and enhancing data availability and security.
• If you require unlimited data storage with flexible commercials, Capacity Storage is a pay-as-you-go cloud-based solution that puts storage management in your hands.
• If a dedicated, fully managed and operated storage solution is essential, Dedicated Storage lets you focus on your business while Colt looks after your data – whether on your premises or in one of our fully managed European data centres.

Features Overview

• Automated delivery platform
• True user isolation
• Hosted desktop management suite
• Active Directory identity and access management
• User permissions and data management
• Standardise applications, management and security.